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Freecycle ® LIVE

Freecycle® LIVE is the Wantage version of the successful Oxfordshire network of Swapshops. Bring what you no longer need, and take what you like - everything is strictly free!

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Things to bring....

All items need to be small enough to be carried by one person, clean and in working order:

  • New and used garden and DIY tools

  • Household articles and gadgets - eg pictures, kitchen appliances, houseware such as crockery, cushions, lamp shades, curtains, baby items etc

  • Small electrical items with a CE mark eg irons, toasters, electric blankets

  • Childrens toys, games, bicycles

  • Garden equipment eg small tents

  • Books, CDs and DVDs

If you have large items you would like to freecycle bring a photo and your contact details and we will place it on the noticeboard.

Please don't bring....

  • Food, drinks or other liquids

  • Clothes - charity shops are keen to take these

  • Rubbish - anything not usable by someone else

  • Electrical items that are large, do not work or do not have a CE mark

  • Ordinary lightbulbs

  • Telephone equipment - such as landline or cordless phones (mobiles are fine)

  • Paint / hazardous items such as fireworks, garden chemicals, lead acid batteries

We weigh everything before you take it so that we can let the Council know how much landfill has been avoided had it been thrown away.

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