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Sustainable Wantage Diary

Wantage Autumn Festival -aka 'WAFFLE' - is a celebration of the season. Much eating, drinking, music, fun and games make for a really enjoyable afternoon for all ages. Enjoy local food, music and apples on the Sunday nearest to national Apple Day in October. Some of the photos from previous years are on the photo gallery at here.

Some of the previous stallholders and producers represented are listed below:

Sheepdrove Organic Farm

Dews Meadow Farm

Country Market

Marco Polo Bakery

Montgomery's Butcher's


Challow Hill Meats

Bothy Vineyard

Well Preserved

Old Farm Shop

Oxford Garden Project

Love Food Hate Waste

Master Composters



Some of our previous events...

Film Screening - In Transition 2.0 - Inspiring stories of Transition initiatives around the world, responding to uncertain times with creativity, solutions and 'engaged optimism'. More here

Chris Johnstone

In an inspiring talk for Sustainable Wantage on 19 April, author and psychologist Chris Johnstone presented tools for living a happy and fulfilled life; complimented - rather than conflicted - by a sustainable lifestyle.

Through advertising we are bombarded with ideas that our lives somehow lack the ingredients that will make us happy. We are conditioned to believe we need to buy more products to achieve happiness, when in fact lasting happiness is not obtained through material purchases. Chris described this state as ‘affluenza’, pointing out that more resources have been consumed in the last fifty years than in all preceding human history and yet we are not any happier, with depression reaching epidemic proportions. That’s not to say we can’t enjoy buying things, but we can shift our focus to more lasting forms of happiness, reducing how much we feel driven to consume, and this in turn reduces our impact on the environment.   A process that can help us feel more contented is to acknowledge the things in our lives we are grateful for. When we have a sense of gratitude we’re more resilient to the ups and downs in life, and feel more positive in our outlook. If our life also includes meaningful actions and relationships, with a sense of belonging within our wider community, we are much more likely to feel happy and fulfilled.  We have many challenges facing us, including threats to the environment and an unstable economy. Rather than try to ignore them, Chris suggests we allow our fears to surface, sharing them with others in a supportive environment. Allowing this process helps us tap into our inherent survival responses, finding ways to rise to the challenge. Impending disasters can become an adventure with others, working together to find real solutions in our own community. We can also draw strength from many examples in history where people have risen to seemingly overwhelming challenges in incredible ways.

More about these concepts in his latest book 'Active Hope', written jointly with Joanna Macy.

 Freecycle Live! Over a tonne saved from landfill in our twice yearly swap shop events.


Our first Swish took place on 20thJanuary in the Red Cross Hall in Wallingford Street. For a small entrance fee, women of all ages were able to bring along clean, presentable clothes and accessories that they no longer wear, have a chat with friends over a glass of local wine or juice and tasty nibbles, and look for something new brought in by other guests. The more people brought, the more they could take away.

Over 50 people came and enjoyed themselves and went away with some new additions to their wardrobe, while being kind to their purse and the planet.  Any leftovers were donated to the Red Cross Shop. The event was generously supported by Delicious of Wantage with a fabulous spread of food. We are also grateful to Hendred Vineyard for supplying wine at a special price and Dorothy Perkins for the loan of hangers and rails.


Other previous events: 


Freecycle LIVE! ® | Swap Shop 28th September | Old Mill Hall


Swish @ Shush |  Ladies Clothes Swap 21st June | Shush


Wood, Woodlands and Fire - Talk by Riki Therivel 20th June | Museum


Freecycle LIVE! ® | Swap Shop 20th April | Civic Hall


Film Screening - 'Beyond the Brink' Saturday 9th March, Grove Village Hall


Freecycle LIVE! ® - Pre-Christmas Clearout, Nov 10th Old Mill Hall


Recycled Crafts - Christmas Gifts Nov 24th, Bracelets and Lanterns, Nov 9th


Wantage Autumn Festival Oct 20th 2012


Transition 2.0 Film - Saturday 15th September 2012 7pm Grove Village Hall


Chris Johnstone Happiness Talk


The Economics of Happiness Film


Thermal Imaging Surveys 


November 2011 Recycled Jewellery Workshop with artist Sarah Millin

September 2011 Visit to local, sustainably minded wine producer Hendred Vineyard

August 2011 Free bicycle safety checks with CTC Wantage

January & June 2011 Freecycle LIVE! recycling events, finding new homes for unwanted items.

February & June 2011 Green Screenings Free film screenings of 'In Transition' and 'The Power of Community'

November 2010 Meeting with Ed Vaizey MP to push the case for better bus links with Didcot station

Attendance at Oxford Runaway Climate green marketing event

Results of our local battery recycling survey

Trial of our Green drinks evening event

Selection of other recent activities

The Big Lunch, in conjunction with Wantage Community Church

Previous Talks

Saving Heat                       Richard Twinch, Richard Twinch Design Associates

Solar Power                         Chris Jardine, Oxford University Environmental Change Institute

Living the Green Life          Chris Goodall, Author and local Green Party Candidate

Domestic Energy Saving   Cynthia Sullivan,  Vale of White Horse District Council

Organic Gardening             Robert Longstaff ,  Oxford Gardening Project,

School fete stands at Charlton, Challow and other schools

Written response to Grove airfield housing application


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