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Update and request from Damian Culshaw:


Regarding the project in November relating to a single turbine wind project that we had applied for planning permission for in Lancashire (Depot Mill project), many of you were good enough to sent in a letter of support to West Lancashire Council - so first of all many thanks for that.


 The project details can still be found on the council web site. If you follow this link and type in the  project reference number “2013/1114” in the search box . Under the  ‘documents’ tab if you click on ‘view associated documents’ you will see the latest correspondence.



Unfortunately it is not yet approved. We were hoping to get to the December meeting of the planning committee but at the last minute the county council’s Ecologist finally read our report on this matter and put in an objection which we then had to answer. This we did this immediately but missed the meeting and we are still in a legal argument about ‘a bat’ – we now hope to get our proposal in front of the planning committee at the 13 March meeting for a decision but who knows! We are being told by the officers that they consider the other issues to be cleared and I think it is looking positive due partly to the fact that we have more letters of support than objection.



Anyway today’s note is about another project. Again a single turbine 500kW project at a site we call Wrights Coverts about a mile from the village of Wrightington. When we first applied for planning permission, the project  received a lot of local opposition from a pre-established and very well organised campaign group; the council rejected this application in the summer after a tonne of objection letters from all over the country (including Wales). You can also see the application document on the W Lancs web site (see link / process above to get to it but type in reference number 2013/0300). We always expected this council rejection and have now appealed the decision. You will see under the council web site’s ‘view associated documents’ section an entry on 27 January which state our ‘grounds for appeal’.



Our application was originally rejected on three counts: not enough information on bats, the noise survey suffered from ‘the wrong kind of wind’, and too much landscape and visual impact. We expect that with the extra studies we have now submitted that the council will now drop the ‘bat’ and ‘noise’ reasons for refusal. This just leaves ‘landscape and visual impact’ and our appeal statement majors on this issue arguing that we believe that we are on the right side of the balance between generating renewable electricity and the not necessarily detrimental visual impact of a single turbine.


 As with the original application, we are expecting a lot of letters of objection to be sent to the planning inspector in whose hands the decision now rests. As with my previous request, if you are prepared to lodge a communication of support to the planning inspectorate then this could help redress the balance – we do not believe it is a true reflection of public opinion when every letter they receive is an objection.  I know Lancashire is a long way off but the opposition letters also come from far afield too and seem to get counted. If you are interested in lodging a supportive comment in support of renewable energy then see below for details on how to do it:


 How to express support for Wrightington Single Wind Turbine Planning Appeal


 On their web site


 The best way is to follow the link below to the Planning Inspectorate’s web site


 Near the bottom of the summary page click on ‘comment on this case’. On the next page, use the drop down menu arrow to select your category ‘interested party/ person’ and also check the ‘no’ box. You will then be asked to fill out the rest of the form and write your comment. Please start your title with some bold text saying ‘SUPPORT’ so your vote is clear. Detailed comments are not really needed though anything about planning balance (clean green energy : minor and local visual impact and impact not being negative) would probably be most helpful. You do not need to write much – the main value of support letters is a numbers game so better to spend time recruiting another named person to support it rather than composing careful arguments.


 Via email The planning inspectorate prefer to receive feedback on their online form but will also allow emails to the case officer.


 Send email to


 If sending an email please use a bold  title so your comments do not get lost among the objection ones. Something like ‘SUPPORT Wrights Coverts Single Wind Turbine – APP/P2365/A/14/2212590’. Please remember state your full name and address and an make a comment.


 You need to make sure any communications are lodged before 18 March for them to count and please do one for each supportive person – the opposition sometimes send several from one person!



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